Volcano-like eruption in Manipur, villagers tense

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Villagers of Ukhrul district of Manipur are tensed once again. While Ukhrul was in the news for all the wrong reasons when the district was marked by protests and violence, the villagers in the Wahong area of the district along the India-Myanmar border are now said to be fighting an eminent natural disaster.

Local media reports since a span of time has reported about volcano-like emission nearby an area surrounded by dense forests. Villagers, who are witness to the phenomenon since some time now, are fearing the worst – a hot volcano, dormant till now, erupting and engulfing the area.

Reports said that the people in the nearby areas are living in fear as they found hot ashes emitting of the area along with reports of dark smoke, like from a volcano! The area is nearby Shitru jungles in Old Wahong.

A report citing Manipur government sources said that experts from Imphal rushed to the area to study the phenomenon and find out if there actually is a chance of volcano eruption. Wahong is around 220 km from the state capital Imphal. The villagers have appealed to the authorities to immediately survey the area and provide relief measures.

According to a The Northeast Today report quoting villagers, the ‘hot’ smoke is emitting from the area of around 2 feet radius since the last two weeks. Villagers and onlookers are expecting a volcanic eruption soon, it added.

The report further said that even the ashes released from the area are heated, village authority member Kapangkhui said. Continuous smoke and ashes has turned out to be a mystery for the villagers.

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