It is also ironical to see that the various women organisations active in Assam don’t bother to see whether workplaces have a women harassment cell or not.

21st century women have reached great heights in every domain. Especially we see women from the Northeast becoming successful everywhere – be it sports, education, culture, environment, politics. Indeed laudable isn’t it? But hey, isn’t she asked to be tolerant everywhere even now?

“The more you compromise the more you become successful.”

These kinds of statements are usual remarks made by male colleagues, sometimes even women. Working in an organisation, be it government or private, where every top boss feels s/he has the supreme power to assert their influence by raising their voice. At times, sexual advances take many forms of verbal abuse if their intentions aren’t fulfilled.

Feminists urge for gender equality, I personally respect that, but ironically, even after compliance with modern values of feminism, men constantly try to assert their supremacy everywhere be it family or at workplace.

“So what if you are being shouted at? At workplace your boss has the right to shout at you,” remark fellow colleagues in any organisation where women faced verbal abuse. Accepting societal norms of submissiveness and dominance constantly weakens the position of women. It is women who try to undermine fellow women. Verbal abuse, which is also another form of sexual abuse, is commonly seen in offices and schools in the Northeast like other parts of India.

It is perplexing to see the forms of social submissiveness to this issue. Even if someone stands up, due to lack of support, the issue dies down. Raising one’s voice at workplace doesn’t affirm one’s power. One has to know where to draw the line whether you talk to a male or a female employee. Asserting dominance and authority on someone takes various forms like sexual abuse, verbal abuse etc. When we talk about gender parity these forms of abuse are unacceptable for not only women but also for men. Morally downgrading someone can never be justified in any workplace.

It is also ironical to see that the various women organisations active in Assam doesn’t bother to see whether workplaces have a women harassment cell or not. Human Rights organisations are also in the forefront but none of them cares to uphold the rights of women. There may be a million workplace harassment cases registered but I really doubt how many have been taken care of. Justice delayed is justice denied. Women and men are equal. Treat them equally with dignity as it is a human being’s natural right as quoted by Immanuel Kant.

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