Guwahati-based designer Nandini Baruva, who owns the label Kirameki, will showcase her creations at the Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai.

The collection – Bhumisattva – is a story that resonates the sounds of the ‘Taat Xaal’ of Assam. The collection echoes sustainable fashion, natural fabrics woven primarily from pineapple (pina) fibre, Banana fibre and very importantly the indigenous Eri silk also known as Ahimsa silk.

The design inspiration revolves round the small weaving hamlets of Assam, hand woven tales of natural fibres that are woven into natural and organic fabrics.

The Bhumisattva collection is inspired from these very roots of nature, plant based and Ahimsa fabrics, alternate and sustainable fashion.

Assam designer Nandini Baruva to showcase creations at Lakme Fashion Week – The News Mill

“Hand weaving and hand embroidery methods are used in designing the collection. Traditional Assamese motifs dating back to the Royal Ahom dynasty is depicted through weaving and block printing. The Xinghap buta and Gos buta are the primary motifs in the collection,” says Nandini Baruva.

The designer has tried to promote natural fabrics and dyes in this Indo-Western collection. The colour palette is ivory, beige, gold and red. The designer has used natural raw materials to design coordinated shoes and handbags. Customised Assamese motifs made in silver and gold are extensively used as design elements.

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