Assamese film Antareen, based on a story by litterateur Rita Choudhury, released on May 5 across 10 theatres in Assam with 1 show each. This was mainly due to Baahubali 2 that Antareen couldn’t get more screens, even though the film was publicized well.

Antareen, directed by Monjul Barua and produced by Manabendra Adhikary, is a film which you cannot miss. Talk about the screenplay, music, acting or cinematography – it is an amazing experience. Above all, the film touches you from within. We have enjoyed many non-linear screenplay styles in movies, but to talk about this style in Antareen; it was marvelous. Monjul Barua, who penned the screenplay, brought out an amazing non-linear lineup, which added much suspense and excitement for the audience. In other words, it will keep you fixed to your seats till the end.

Boloram Das, who played an important character in the film, considers Antareen to be very close to his heart. Boloram was seen in many episodes of Sony TV’s Crime Patrol. Besides, he played an important role in Akshay Kumar-starrer ‘Gabbar is Back’. Boloram Das’s powerful role in Antareen is refreshing.

The performance of Urmila Mahanta, the protagonist, is beyond words. Continuing her strong performance in the Assamese blockbuster Kothanodi, the actress surely made an impact with her latest film.

Tarali Sharma’s music added a new flavor to the story as it leaves the audience with great musical experience and takes you to the real world of Antareen. You feel the fragrance of the plot; such impactful is the music and the songs. Tarali Sharma, a national award winner music director, yet again proved herself with the music of Antareen.

There are many other factors which make Antareen a great film to watch. Be it Arun Nath, Himanshu Das; they all have added their best to make this film a great addition to the list of great Assamese films.

We always crib that we do not produce great films. But do we really do justice to our films? Our own Assamese films are treated as step-child by our local exhibitors and even by us. We recently witnessed what happened with much awaited Local Kung Fu 2. If this trend goes on, do you think that it will encourage the new generation to invest more of their time in making local cinema? Baahubali 2 will be available across TV channels in a few months, but the Assamese films do not have such options. It’s time we save the Assamese film industry.

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