At a time when YouTube is flooded with poorly made music videos, a beautiful fusion of Goalporiya lokageet and jhumoor attracted the music lovers of the region.

‘Shonaai Rupaai’, a folk fusion by singer Pranjal Medhi, caught the attention of the music lovers who felt refreshed with the way the music was treated in the solo number.

The video of the song takes one on a musical journey of two best friends who were separated since childhood due to differences in social status.

The video, shot at Matibag Gauripur, showcased two childhood friends caught in the quagmire of social status who were separated when they were young and later went on to meet each other.

After positive response from music lovers, Pranjal said that he is now motivated to work on folk fusion.

Pranjal Medhi, born in Goalpara, was the winner of singing reality show ‘Jhankar’ on local television channel Raang. He is the lead vocalist of the band Daksha. The band performs experimental rock that mainly highlights the regional music of the Northeast.

Daksha launched their debut album ‘Voice For A Change’ in 2015. The band played for the prestigious Rhythm 8 show of MTV Indies.

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