Scripting world record at the Mount Everest, Arunachal Pradesh mountaineer Anshu Jamsenpa, who reached the base camp on Tuesday, talked to The News Mill about her experience for the first time.

Anshu, who became the first ever woman in the world to climb the world’s highest point within the span of five days on May 21, said that her journey was full of risks. Earlier, on May 16 she unfurled the Indian flag at the Mt Everest.

“I took a lot of risk and had gone through lots of things during my quest for the Everest. So, I think it will take some time to register the whole thing in my mind,” said Anshu on her reaction on how it was to be at the top twice in five days.

Thirty seven year old Anshu, a mother of two, further said that she came across several bodies on her way to the summit. “So many people died. We saw bodies and it was a terrible feeling. I felt so helpless and couldn’t do anything,” she added.

Anshu and her team will leave for Lulka in the next three days from the base camp which is around 62 kms away.

“Though I was exhausted and I pushed myself to achieve it. This was the dream I was living for. I couldn’t think of anything else but to complete it. As if it was now or never,” said Anshu.

Earlier, in 2011, Anshu did a ‘double ascent’ within 10 days of her first climb. In the year 2013, Anshu again scaled the Mount Everest. She also attempted to scale the peak in 2015 but due to the Nepal earthquake, along with all the mountaineers, she also had to call off her expedition in the midway.

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