Assamese film ‘Xhoihobote Dhemalite’ (Rainbow Fields) which features actors from West Bengal and Mumbai found its way into the official selection of Hollywood International Cinefest, 2017.

National award winner Bidyut Kotoky’s film is one of the five films competing for the best foreign-feature film award in Hollywood International Cinefest’s line up for this year.

“I always believed that colour of emotions is same across the world. If we can watch French or an Iranian film with subtitle, there is no reason why a good Assamese film with subtitle won’t be watched by audience across the world. The nomination of my film in Hollywood Cinefest has re-affirmed my belief,” an elated Kotoky said.

In 2017, the festival received over 400 submissions. The line-up includes Before the Fall (Cambodia’s entry to 2017 Oscars) and films from America, UK, China, South Korea and Hong Kong.

‘Xhoihobote Dhemalite’ or the Rainbow Fields is a sensitive portrayal about children growing up amidst violence, which leaves an indelible mark on their psyche and how that later influences their destinies.


The film is semi-autobiographical in nature, being inspired by true incidents from the director’s life. The film stars Victor Banerjee, Nakul Vaid, Naved Aslam, Nipon Goswami and Nikumoni Barua among others.

Supermodel Dipannita Sharma has made her debut in Assamese films through this film.

“Though ‘Rainbow Field’ is a movie set in the back drop of Assam unrest and After Ever After is a heartfelt drama, both have an emotional depth that cut across geographical barriers” said Zack Zublena, the festival director.

The Hollywood International Cinefest will be held in Los Angeles on June 24 and June 25.

The unique feature about Hollywood International Cinefest is its focus to reach the film to the people across the world through securing distribution for the film. This is a significant positioning, given that film makers winning awards in all films festivals in the world are often left to fend for themselves to reach their labour of love to people.

The film is produced by ‘India Stories’, a Mumbai based production house and co-produced by Kotoky’s Dhruv Creative Productions and Kurmasana Kreates, a US based production house. Mukul Gogoi is associate producer of the film.

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