COTTON COLLEGE is gone. It stood tall, till its last day of existence yesterday – May 31, 2017. A section of teachers’ and politicians’ greed and ego killed a heritage. Some are trying to justify this by some absurd and nonsense logic.

One such logic is, “It is a natural progression of an institution. Everybody loves promotion. Till yesterday I was a BA. Will I mind if I become MA from today?”

Give some sense to him! Probably his ego clash with the last college administration made him talk illogic and go blind. He deliberately forgot that this is an institution producing products for the society – which is Human Resource. Institute never works to get higher degree for itself. They can only go higher by adding values and new product streams. Not by abolishing heritage.

In his language, let me give an example. Hero MotoCorp is the largest maker of two-wheelers. If tomorrow they decide to stop making two-wheelers and start producing cars, is it a natural progression or shifting the base completely to a new unknown and uncertain domain? Do they have the expertise? Will they get the same respect in the market, which has already been dominated by giants like Maruti Suzuki or Hyundai or Honda Cars? Hope someone get sense!

The identity of Cotton College is from now on will be like, “There was Cotton College from 1901 to 2017”.

Officially, Cotton University comes into existence on June 1, 2017. So this means it has no history, no legacy – officially. It has to struggle and work from the scratch to establish itself in the society already flourished with number of respected varsities. SAD!

The best way would have been to completely separate the existing Cotton College State University from the college and then try to make it a leading university. This way, Cotton College would have remained a constituent college of the university. Then if you do not like the college administration, transfer her to any other institute. Period! You have the power. But you completely destroyed a culture, a heritage, an emotion!

You yourself is product of Cotton College. Now honestly tell, will your grandchild be able to know what Cotton College was?

Getting little emotional. Can’t help.

COTTON COLLEGE — sorry, we could not save you.

Alvida COTTON COLLEGE. But only physically. Emotionally, you were here, you are here and you will be here – ALWAYS. In our HEARTS, deep inside.


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