Assamese author Sankhya Samhita released her debut book, ‘Revelations of an Imperfect Life’, at an event in Guwahati on Thursday.

Samhita, who is based in Singapore, has written the book asserting the need to be close to one’s roots. The book, published by Readomania, is based on the life of a young Assamese woman, Tanaya Saikia, who meanders in life in search of her home and her identity.

“Staying away from my homeland, Assam made me realise the importance of our roots and culture. What we become in life is always a function of where we belong – our home, our roots. This book is an ode to all those who are on the search of a home they haven’t found yet,” said Sankhya Samhita, author of Revelations of an Imperfect Life.

The book was launched by actor Badal Das, litterateurs Anuradha Sarma Pujari, Srutimala Duara and Dhrubajyoti Hazarika. The launch included a panel discussion on ‘Getting back to the roots’ and invoked many sentiments and memories in everyone present.

Litterateur Anuradha Sarma Pujari recalled the hankering for roots she feels whenever she thinks about her hometown Jorhat while Srutimala Duara talked about her vivid childhood memories of the Pan Bazaar of yesteryears.

Dhrubajyoti Hazarika spoke about the profound impact of reading books and his upbringing in Shillong had on him.

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