Naalayak performing at IIT Guwahati's techno-management festival ‘Techniche’

After enthralling line up of competitions, exhibitions, workshops, lectures and fun events, the techno-management extravaganza ‘Techniche’ came to an end on Sunday.

With over 2,000 participants from all over the country, the campus witnessed huge crowds in all the lectures and nights.

The day 3 started off with final rounds of Technothlon, Tech Expo and other events including TechOlympics and Robotics. The final winners of Technothlon were announced who will be awarded a fully funded trip to NASA, USA this year. The two teams were: Rohan Kishore and Ayush Sharan, Hauts Squad from Bangalore; Aadish Jain and Mradul Agarwal, Juniors Squad from Jaipur.

Also, NASA research scientist Thomas Barclay gave his keynote as a part of lecture series. His speech included the details of various projects planned by NASA to find an exo-planet in space and discover alien life. Following the keynote was a performance by Lucid Recess ‘Yeh India Ka Time Hai’. The genre was patriotic Hindi rock. All institute officials including the director of IITG witnessed this event which was presented by MHRD.

The last event of Techniche was a performance by Naalayak – The Band who entertained the audience to the fullest with their amazing songs and most relatable lyrics.

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