Czech actress Sara Sandeva

Young Czech actress Sara Sandeva, who was a part of the first Guwahati International Film festival (GIFF), shares her experience of visiting India and about Bollywood in a candid conversation with Abdul Gani. 

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At the age of 20, Sandeva has acted in around 20 projects. Her film ‘The Spooks’ is being screened at the GIFF.

Here are some of the excerpts:

Q. How was your experience to be here?

Ans: I’m here for work. So, I don’t have much time to travel here. But whatever I’ve seen or wherever I’ve been…the places are amazing and the people are so lovely and friendly.

Q. Can you please share something about yourself?

Ans: When I was 2 years old my parents moved to Prague (capital of Czech Repulic) and when I was 6, I decided to be an actress. I used to take camera and shoot myself saying I have grown up. So, everything started like that. Then when I was 14, I got the first role in a TV series. Following that movie and theatre…and that’s how it was.

Then I got into in an acting academy. I love travelling and meeting new people. So far, I have done about 20 projects.

My family is my biggest support. If my family wasn’t around I wouldn’t have been what I’m today. They are still here and maintain everything for me. I really love them.

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Q. Tell us something about your movie – The Spooks…

Ans: It’s a Czech family comedy. It’s a fairytale story. It’s about the spooks live in the house. On day officers visit the house and tell them that they need to start working…and there’s the problem…They are spooks….they are not normal people for work.

My role is morning fairy and it’s so pure and lovely. I think she bring positive energy to the movie and pureness. It was shot in Prague in 10 locations.

Q. Have you ever watched any Bollywood move?

Ans: Of course! I love the movie called ‘Queen’. It was about a girl who moves to Amsterdam. It’s brilliant. There’s another one… ‘Swadesh’… and Shahrukh Khan is really awesome.

I like Indian music and movies. It always makes me stand up and dance.

Q. What the people discuss about India in Czech Republic?

Ans: Indian food. We have lot of Indian restaurants in Prague. But here I can taste the real Indian food. Now, I can see the difference.

Then, of course Bollywood! Lot of people knows about the industry. Many people have started to come to Prague and other places from Bollywood besides the Hollywood to shoot their films. This year we have 200 percent more Indians coming to Prague.

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Q. Would you like to act in a Bollywood movie, given a chance?

Ans: I will be really glad to do so. If I get a chance to come back here to shoot, I will be super happy. Bollywood films have the energy. There are dancing, songs and brilliant acting…it has everything. It will be really good experience for me.

I will probably take Indian dance classes once I’m back to Prague. There was awesome dancing programme yesterday at the festival inauguration.

Q. At last some message for your fans here in Guwahati.

Ans: First of all I would like to thank the Czech Embassy in New Delhi and Guwahati International Film Festival for giving me the opportunity. It’s a pleasure for me to be here.

All the people (her fans in Guwahati) mean so much to me. When I’m tired, the love of people boosts me up and gives me energy. And in return, I would shoot and produce movies that will make them happy.

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