Five people, five lives and five stories – an intricate web of love, friendship, happiness, heartbreak and forgiveness… In a world that is enthused by mediocrity, Guwahati-based writer Prajna GS comes across as a writer whose mastery in weaving a narrative that keeps you engrossed till the end, makes you wonder in awe.

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Prajna’s debut novel, Listen to my Heartbeat, begins with the introduction of five strangers who meet in a prestigious college. Further, it traces their lives as they begin to know one another, and in the process, understand themselves. These people are not special, yet the very fact that they are mundane, is the basic premise of their uniqueness. They deal with everyday situations and prove their mettle by growing along each part of the way. So much so, that you actually begin to relate to Prajna’s characters.

In an unidentifiable and almost indistinct manner, you end up realizing that the distinction between fiction and fact is gone. You are them and they are you.

It is not easy for any writer to craft a story which deals with a plethora of emotions in such a beautiful way. More so, the language of the book does not let you off the hook at any point. It is simple and lucid- quite contrary to the complexity which the characters demonstrate. Unlike most new-age writers, Prajna writes with her heart and embellishes her tale with incidents that make you think, anecdotes that make you ponder and people who make you feel.

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The novel reads like it has been weaved by a skilful writer who is in full possession of the art to keep the readers gripped. Listen to my Heartbeat reflects the emotions of the characters…a worth reading experience.

About the Author:

Prajna GS was born in Delhi but spent most of her years in Karnataka. She completed her engineering and was working in Bangalore, before she quit and plunged into the world of writing.

Prajna says that her favourite occupation is to read. She loves star gazing and immerses herself in creating stories for her writings. She is fascinated by ancient civilizations, which never fail to leave her in awe.

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