Victor Banerjee with sound designer Amrit Pritam (right)

Veteran actor Victor Banerjee who has played a crucial role in the Bidyut Kotoky directed ‘Xhoixobote Dhemalite’ (Rainbow Fields), said that it was very important to tell the story of violence through films.

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The film, based on true events, narrates the psychological trauma children went through during the Assam agitation in the 1980s in Assam.

“It’s very important to tell the story. If someone glosses over violence and the other glamorizes it. But here it’s treating it as reality. So, you are not going to be horrified by its reality but you would be shocked by it. If you have any conscience or social responsibility, you will feel very shocked by the reality of how violence affects the lives of ordinary people,” said multiple award-winning actor Banerjee.

The film which also features actors like Dipannita Sharma, Nakul Vaid, Naved Aslam and Nipon Goswami among others hit the theaters in Assam and other parts of the country this Friday.

Banerjee also said that the film is all about children who have lived in the environment of violence. “They just can’t understand or comprehend. But it destroys the world around them. I play the role of an old man who used to be an actor and I try to make them (children) what is life is all about. It’s a very serious film,” added Banerjee.

The film has won several awards across the globe and travelled to several prestigious film festivals.

Multiple award-winning sound designer Amrit Pritam based in Mumbai who has designed the sound for the film said that the film was shot in sync sound which is not very common in Indian film-making scenario.

“Only big budget films in Bollywood go for it because of the extra cost. But this way of shooting gives the more realistic expression than doing the dub in the studio. Here we record the sound on the ground at the spot of delivering a dialogue,” Amrit said.

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