Chaos is the primary state of the universe, a formless collection of matter and space, as the well-known Internet encyclopaedia tells us. And some people live in this state, considering this as the norm. Some of you might even call yourself creative and chaotic by nature, like it is a good thing. You understand that it is the excuse, called to justify laziness or apathy? Maybe it’s time to get rid of the chaos and bring your life to order?

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Here is some good life advice for you to be more organized.

Best life advice number 1 – plan ahead

How specifically planning ahead may help you? Firstly, you will come in time. There will be no situations where you remembered at the last moment about a planned meeting with a girl or friends and this made them wait for you. Secondly, you will cease to break promises that you cannot fulfil due to the overlap of one job to another. You will be treated quite differently than when you were absent-minded and childish. Carrying out your duties just in time, you will quickly advance in the career field and start to earn really good money.

Best life advance number 2 – tidy up your wardrobe

Why do you always hurry with cleaning your shoes and steaming your shirt? It’s simply stupid to behave in such a shallow way as for a grown-up man. This is the case when we need to listen to our grandmas and get that one day for the entire rebranding! Match your socks, patch your briefs, find all the garments and don’t waste time with doing it every morning while having a panic attack before a workday.

Life advice number 3 – put all the computer files in order

Delete the extra files and programs. It is not necessary to be a treasure-huner, collecting various rubbish from the Internet because, supposedly, it will suddenly be essential one day or another. For example, there are people who collect picture collections they will never look at. They just throw more and more images into the folder. What for?

Remove unnecessary files, games, movies, serials and music that you have not reached for in a long time. Here the simple rule works: if within half a year you do not open a folder, file or program, then you can safely delete it. And, yes, you will be surprised how fast your computer will work after all the done job.

Life advice number 4 – finish your home repairs

Do not try to buy the most expensive building materials. As a rule, households do not differ much in quality, if we talk about the average and premium-segment. Of course, it is better to refuse from budgetary options, because they are made of real Chinese junk, but middle-price goods are the choice of an intelligent guy. You will  have enough money, not only for material, but also for payment of work. When you finish the repair, it will become easier on the soul. Get rid of the chaos in the house and create a harmonious environment.

Life advice number 5 – stop being obsessed over fashion!

No, I do not advocate a rollback to the old fashion and retro, but why we chase trends? Imagine how much chaos this brings to your life. You run like a squirrel in a wheel, you buy yourself a wape or a spinner, then something else, showing the others that you are in trend. The same goes for clothes. Find your style and stick to it. That way you do not have to to buy new clothes almost every month, following the fashion.

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