Water and spring festival, Sangken, considered as one of the most cheerful and significant festival in Theravada Buddhist culture, concluded on April 16 with re-installation of statues of Lord Buddha at the main Buddha Vihara. In India, the festival is widely celebrated in the Namsai district of Arunachal Pradesh.

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Water-throwing or drenching one another, is the distinguishing feature of this festival which is celebrated annually for three days. Drenching one another has traditionally been seen as a sign of respect and well-wishing, as revellers hope to wash away bad luck.

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After ceremonial installation of statues of Lord Buddha at the main temples, prayers were offered and blessed water was sprinkled for the well being of all people.

The Sangken festival is a deep-rooted cultural event that people of Namsai district have treasured and is being passed down to the next generations. The festival is not celebrated across other parts of the state or country, but for the people of Namsai district, it is an important one as it signifies a big part of their religious belief.

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