National record holder para-cyclist Abhishek Gogoi has been struggling to raise funds to buy a cycle and other necessary accessories to take part in Summer Special Olympics to be held in March 2019 in Abu Dhabi.

The 17-year-old Assam para-cyclist qualified for the Special Olympics using borrowed cycles.

The record was set in the ‘Cycling NCC-cum National Championship’ 2018 held in January 2018 at Ranchi where Abhishek got the first position in both 5-kilometre time trial and 10-kilometre time trial events. And this performance helped him to qualify for the Summer Special Olympics.

Gogoi’s record of 19 minutes and 21 seconds is the 12th fastest timings in World for the 10km individual time trial in the Special Olympics category.

Born with Cerebral Palsy, Abhishek lost his father to cancer a few years ago. Abhishek currently doesn’t own a cycle. He practices on a borrowed bike and has also competed till now on borrowed bikes.

Arshel Akhter, an avid cyclist based in Guwahati has started an online campaign through to gather a sum of Rs 1.50 lakh to buy a proper cycle and other necessary items for Abhishek.

“Abhishek is a wonderful kid with a lot of potential to do well in sports. But unfortunately, his family’s financial condition is not good enough to afford all the necessary requirements. Now if we can gather some money, it will be helpful for him. We can buy a good cycle for him before he goes to attend a national training camp in Rajasthan from June 19 for the Special Olympics,” Arshel told The News Mill.

The campaign, which started on May 13, will come to an end on May 27.

Abhishek’s mother, Bornali Nath Gogoi, who is the sole bread earner for the family, works hard to meet the resources required for him and his young sister.

“Since childhood, he likes to ride bicycle. Many a time he has hurt himself by falling off. And that’s how he learnt. If we get some support, my son’s dream can be fulfilled,” said his mother.

Not just in cycling, Abhishek also plays cricket.

Abhishek said that he will try his best to bring an Olympic (special) medal if he is given a cycle.

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