The Dorbar Shnong of Rymbai felicitated Meghalaya chief minister Conrad K Sangma and state revenue minister Kyrmen Shylla at Rymbai village in East Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya.

Speaking on the occasion, chief minister Sangma expressed his concern on the implementation of development and welfare schemes, which fails to reach the grassroot.

“Priority of the present government was to ensure that the development schemes initiated by the government reach the people and for this the government has initiated mechanisms for more efficient monitoring of the delivery system,” the Meghalaya chief minister said.

Talking about improving the education scenario of the state, the chief minister said, “Education is absolutely important for us. We need roads, we need water, we need all the other development schemes, hospitals, but if we do not have good schools and quality education we will not be able to take Meghalaya to the next level.”

Acknowledging the absence of government colleges and higher secondary schools in East Jaintia Hills district, the chief minister said that the government would be working to improve education infrastructure in the region. “We are working on a policy to promote community colleges all over the state,” he added.

Talking about multiple challenges in taking the state on the path of growth pedestal, the chief minister assured the gathering that government is putting in all its efforts to reform the education sector.

On NGT ban on coal mining, the chief minister said the government is pursuing the matter seriously with the centre. Reassuring the government’s commitment towards the issue, the chief minister said that in the last couple of months the government has made significant headway towards working out a solution to the issue of coal mining ban in Meghalaya.

“We are working out solution with utmost concern on the need to find a balance between economic progress and protecting the environment”, he added.

Elaborating that coal mining cannot continue forever as a time will come when the coal will get exhausted, he emphasised the need to develop parallel economy and sustainable livelihood generation through other sectors such as agriculture and tourism.

He also urged all the stakeholders, the people, the citizens and the younger generation to be agents of change in order to take the state to greater heights and prosperity.

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