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The intersection of roads near the Bhupen Hazarika Samadhi Khetra at Jalukbari in Guwahati is an example of miss-management and lack of proper planning. Every day Gauhati University students and pedestrians are stuck at the cross-section as no facility of zebra crossing or foot-over-bridge are provided in the ill-planned section of the National Highway.

Travellers travelling through the highway from Khanapara to Airport too face hardships as the road in front of the newly constructed Gauhati University main gate has become a make-shift stand for tempos, buses and other vehicles.

“Pedestrians are most vulnerable to injuries. With vehicles coming from all sides and moving towards Adabari, Gauhati University or the airport, the situation is extremely dangerous,” said Saurav Das, a resident of Jalukbari. Das suggested that there should be a visible crossing as well as proper signals for pedestrians.

Tanbeer Ahmed Choudhary, a Gauhati University student said, “This is an example of carelessness and stupidity at the same time. This intersection is always busy and people have no way around since the U-turn from Adabari is quite far. Restricting the movement of the pedestrians in this way is problematic and risky.”

Tanbeer suggested that the administration needs to offer alternative ways for the pedestrians by setting up a traffic point or foot over bridge. “Make-shift barricades, made of ropes, are not the solution as moving cars too can’t see the ropes properly. People will cross over such barricades and a probable disaster awaits,” he added.

While speaking to The News Mill, Mrinal Borah, a lecturer at Gauhati University said, “Any new development is by spirit supposed to reduce human tension and pressure. New roads or flyovers are meant to reduce traffic pressure, accidents and most importantly reduce the time period of travel in a city. The road outside the Gauhati University’s new main gate is at a mess.”

Borah also added buses stopping on the flyover needs to be restricted so that passengers don’t have to wait on the highway causing traffic jams.

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