A polo team, named Majuli, is galloping somewhere in Sydney amid claps and cheers of people witnessing the sport. Digboi’s Zihan Ahmed and his two friends from Australia and one from France, started a polo team in Sydney which is named after the famous river island.

Started around a year back, the Majuli polo team has been participating in events across Sydney and nearby areas.

Majuli is world’s largest habitat river island. Records say it had an area more than 880 square kilometres at the beginning of the 20th century, but due to erosion in river Brahmaputra, the island has lost a significant amount of area in the last one century. A recent survey found that Majuli is less than 350 square kilometres now.

“Just like how Majuli loses a part of it every year, but it also grows from that experience as the silt deposits help the island grow, our team is also gaining experiences from the matches. We play entry-level polo. Two of our players are beginners and we make mistakes and learn from it. That is how Majuli came as the name,” Zihan told The News Mill.

Zihan, who was born and brought up at Digboi in upper Assam, moved to Sydney in 2016. Zihan works with Google apart from playing polo.

The team was formed in 2018 and they have won the Killarney Autumn tournament in the same year in the sub-zero grade.

It was in 2017 during the world polo championship in Sydney, horses from across the globe took part.

“It was a great event where lot of horses came to the town. And that’s where I bought my first horse in Australia. It played for England in the world cup. Last year I bought my second horse and we started playing as a team,” Zihan said.

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