A teenager from a small town in Madhya Pradesh suffered from a fatal cardiac arrest allegedly after he played the online game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) continuously for around 6 hours.

The Class XII student in Neemuch town in north western Madhya Pradesh, allegedly played PUBG for around 6 hours after which he reported severe headache and collapsed in his bed. Doctors said that the teenager died of cardiac arrest.

The family of the deceased had arrived at the family hometown of Neemuch for a wedding. His father said that the teenager was a swimmer and had a healthy heart.

His family said he started playing the game after lunch and around 7 pm he started shouting at other players before collapsing on the bed. He had complained of severe headache before he fell.

The sister of the deceased, who was present at the spot, said that he suddenly started shouting, “Blast it… blast it”.

“The severe cardiac arrest that was possibly caused by sudden deep shock.. It is possible that since the teenager had been playing the game for long hours at a stretch, he could have delved into some kind of syndrome from which it was difficult to come out. The excitement of the game might have caused a surge in adrenaline causing increased heart rate and cardiac arrest,” said Dr Ashok Jain, who attended on the teenager.

“We had come to our home town Neemuch for the marriage of his cousin some days back. Despite being scolded over playing the game for long hours, he continued to play the game,” the teenager’s father said.

PUBG is a widely popular online game across the world. The game has often been criticized for being addictive with authorities in various places banning the online game.

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