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Mega Entertainment, Northeast India’s largest fashion and pageant event organizer, is ready for the grand finale of 2019 edition of Mega Miss North East and Mega Mister North East.

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So, once again ‘that time’ of the year is here when numerous contestants will be judged on the basis of their intelligence, fitness, personality and confidence. This year, the auditions concluded at Guwahati on July 7 before making rounds of Itanagar, Tezpur, Kokrajhar, Agartala, Shillong and Imphal to select a total of 50 men and women from the region. The grand finale of Sunsilk Mega Miss North East and Garnier Men Mega Mister North East will be held in Guwahati in the first week of August.

The News Mill speaks to the master of the show, founder of Mega Entertainment, Abhijit Singha on the glam-scene of Northeast India and his mission. Bristi Gogoi in an exclusive interaction with Fashion entrepreneur Abhijit Singha during the final auditions in Guwahati.

How are Sunsilk Mega Miss North East and Garnier Men Mega Mister North East, 2019 different from the previous years?

Abhijit: Last year was 2018 and this year is 2019 (laughs). There has always been changes… growth is really very important. Changes like the quality. Look, last to last year Mary Khyriem, Sunsilk Mega Miss North East winner from Meghalaya was in Femina Miss India top 12. Again from the 2018 edition, Jyotishmita Baruah was into the top 6 of Femina Miss India this year. So, every time there is a change. We are not only waiting for change, we are there to bring the change, you know. And I am very sure with the love and support from everyone, we will show that Northeast is not less than anybody else.

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The biggest change in the male pageant this year is that the winner will be representing India at Mister International. Only one man from the entire country gets the opportunity…this is huge.

How does it feels like to ‘filter’ the raw talents from the region and take them to an entirely new level?

Abhijit: Before anything else, I am very proud that I am here from the Northeast. I am very much for Northeast, taking the region to the global map. I do not care for anything else…I just care for my region…that is what pushes me forward. Actually, the thing is you need to recognize your work, the efforts you are putting in, that will take you to heights.

So, Abhijit Singha as a ‘mentor’ or a ‘judge’…?

Abhijit: Ummm… see, I got to be a mentor or maybe I got experience because I have never learnt this. I have experienced this together. There is a difference between information and knowledge. I had the information, I worked, it became knowledge and all this credit goes to my entire team, Mega Entertainment, who have been working very hard.

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Your mantra for success?

Abhijit: One very important thing for success is incredible stamina and a ‘do not give up’ attitude. Anything is possible…!

You have asked the contestants to speak in Assamese, their native languages, whereas, in most of the other fashion events we get to witness the emphasis given on English language as a medium of interaction. What was the purpose behind it?

Abhijit: See, when we talk about ‘I am representing Assam or I am representing Manipur or any other place’, if you do not know yourself, what example will you set to the rest of the world. You know, I am a Manipuri, now being a Manipuri if I cannot interact or speak in my native dialect…you being an Assamese, if you are not able to speak in your language, or not being able to introduce yourself in your own language…where are the roots? Are you proud to be that? No! I do not consider English to be my mother tongue.

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See, this platform is not only a beauty pageant. It is an example to introduce yourself. Many young boys and girls will come here and we will make them learn about these. We are an advocate. We need to advocate these things. I am not saying that English is not important, it is very much important, but when we go to a national and international level, not being able to introduce ourselves in our native languages…don’t you think it is a big shame for us? I mean…how can I do that? I am such a responsible person (smiles). Now these youths who look at us, follow us. We cannot make mistakes, you know. So, that was the point basically.

What is your take on fashion?

Abhijit: Fashion is not about glamour, fashion is not only about make-up, wearing clothes in trend or ramp-walk. Fashion is a religion. It is like worshiping. It is taking care of health, skin, spreading the goodness. Also, it is about being proud of who you are.

Must say, the contestants and your followers are fortunate enough. You always try to cheer them up, help them to be comfortable and always put the best foot forward.

Abhijit: See, I do not want to disrespect anyone. The people who come here, at least should leave with a thought of becoming someone remarkable in the society. When they step down the stage and go out of the room, they should be able to think that ‘yes, I am someone who is being taken into count’. They should be able to take the smile and the lesson this experience taught them. If I become serious, they will not be able to showcase their talents. So, let it be! Being free with them is worth the glam and the hype.

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One of the harbinger in Northeast’s fashion scenario, the third Indian fashion designer to have associated with the popular global fragrance brand, Christian Dior and also the first designer from Assam to design costumes for a Bollywood film starring Salman Khan, Naseeruddin Shah and Sushmita Sen; is all set to extract the raw talents from all of the damsels and the young gentlemen from the Northeast.

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