Breaking linguistic barriers: Datamail to provide email addresses in Assamese

Soon, you can own an email address in Assamese language as well as Indian tech firm Data Xgen Technologies now plans to add Assamese in the list of 15 languages that its email service supports. In foreign language category, the company would soon add Portuguese.

Global innovator in breaking barrier on internet, Data Xgen, with its solution XgenPlus, provides ‘Make in India’ Datamail offers email services in several foreign and 15 Indian languages. The company plans to add 10 more mother languages in its kitty this year. Along with Assamese, Malayalam, Oria and Kannada would also be added this year.

Linguistic email application, Datamail, developed by Data Xgen Technologies, is a free email service that allows a user to create an email address and communicate via email in their preferred or mother language. The company currently provides email addresses in 15 Indian Languages along with International Languages such as Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Thai, Korean, Arabic, Cyrillic and so on.

“Data Xgen is making all efforts to break linguistic barrier. It took us nearly two decades to break a big barrier with ‘DataMail’, powered by XgenPlus email platform. We have succeeded in offering it in more than 20 mother languages and now plan to cross 30 languages this year. Assamese is not only official language of Assam but one of the most prominent Indian languages. It is spoken by over 15 million people and they will be now empowered with email services in their own language,” said Ajay Data, Founder & CEO, DataXgen Technologies.

“The major barrier is for those people who do not know English or those who prefers to work in their own mother language without depending on any other language. We need Internet infrastructure to be well aware of different scripts,” he added.

India is a multicultural and multilingual country but mother language is one thing that binds everyone together. Today when internet is the key source of education, information and entertainment, it has become very important to target the right audience and Mother Language plays a very important role in this.

“It is only just to make the world more open and connected and give everyone the power to receive, understand and share information,” Data said.

Data Xgen has broken linguistic barrier and is now all set to take it to the next level by adding more and more mother languages to its service domain.

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