She has equal command over the pen and the gun. As a published author and a dynamic police personnel, she has proved it time and again. Meet Bishmita Likhak, a young police woman from Narayanpur in Lakhimpur district of Assam, who has brought laurels for her literary works apart from her policing responsibilities.

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Recently, Bishmita was awarded Virangana Savitri Bai Phule National Padak for her contribution towards the society.

“I am glad and happy to have received the honour. It’s been a privilege to get this honour at this young age. This will definitely motivate me to work even harder,” an excited Bishmita said.

Hailing from Narayanpur, Bishmita is presently working in the Assam Police as a Veerangana. A political science graduate from Madhabdev College in Narayanpur, she was actively involved in college union body.

Bishmita was the first woman commander of NCC of Madhabdev College. She joined Assam Police in 2009 and from 2012 he has been working as a team member of Veerangana.

Veerangana Bishmita Likhak slays it with the pen and the gun 2 – The News Mill

“I feel privileged to be a part of Assam Police. After duty hours, I invest my interest in writing and in social works. The one who works hard and crosses obstacles in their path can feel the taste of success.  Two persons whose works always inspires me are our former DGP Harekrishna Deka and present DGP Kuladhar Saikia. In spite of their much busy schedule they always enlighten us through their writing. I feel, the way we need healthy food to grow ourselves, in the same way literature is much needed for a healthy mind,” she said.

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Bishmita’s first book ‘Chaknoiya’ was published in 2018. The theme song of 24th AP IRBn has also composed by her.

An active member of ‘Team Humanity’, she works for the needy people. Apart from that Bishmita also recites poems in radio and TV programmes.  As a member of team Veerangana , during the Independence and Republic day parades, she performs Bullet demo for ‘Panthers on Wheel’ team.

Veerangana Bishmita Likhak slays it with the pen and the gun 1 – The News Mill

Committed to continue in her journey she added, “I will always try to do my best through my writings and social works in spite of my busy duty hours. I want to establish myself as a writer…for that I need to work hard. There is nothing above humanity.”

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Dimple Sarma works with the Assam Police and is posted at Jorhat. She writes on gender issues. She is also involved with an NGO named which works towards blood donation


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