Air conditioners are made of a few complex components. The better these components function, the more efficient your air conditioner (AC) will be. It is the responsibility of homeowners to ensure that their ACs are working fine. Even a minor air conditioner mistake can cost you hundreds of rupees. Here, we have compiled a list of mistakes every homeowner must avoid while using their air conditioning system. Let’s have a look:

Not cleaning coils and fins

As said before, the efficiency of your air conditioner is determined by its components. Homeowners must schedule the AC component cleaning task regularly. Coils and fins are two of the most crucial parts of your AC unit. They maintain the temperature inside your apartment by removing heat.

However, coils and fins are likely to attract dust and grimes. As a homeowner, it is your job to check if the AC components are clean and free from unnecessary foreign particles. If you find anything unusual, contact the AC repair service right away and get your unit inspected and repaired instantly. Dirty and filthy coils can hamper the AC’s performance. As a result, your air conditioning unit will have to work harder – thereby increasing the power usage – to deliver fresh air.

Ignoring the air filter

The role of the air filter is to deliver pure and filtered air to the users. It removes all the dirt and dust particles from the air and provides high-quality and fresh air. Air filters are supposed to be replaced every now and then.

For instance, the air filters get jammed with too much dust and contaminants that it gets difficult for air to pass through these filters. As your air filters fail to purify the air, you receive poor quality air delivery from the AC. Additionally, dirty air filters reduce AC efficiency by 5-15 per cent. Hence, you must replace air filters a couple of times every year.

Not replacing your air conditioning unit

For homeowners, replacing the air conditioning system can be a costly deal. But, replacing the old-school AC can save you money in the long run. If you are using the 10-15 years old air conditioner, it is time to consider replacing it.

Older air conditioning units give a poor performance, need regular repair and maintenance, and cost a fortune in electricity bills. You can save all these repairing and maintenance costs by investing in a new and fresh air conditioning system that works efficiently. So, why wait? Upgrade to the perfect and affordable AC in Mumbai and enjoy the fresh air. People using air cooler in Pune can also upgrade.

Picking the wrong size

While buying air conditioners, most of the people think that the bigger would be the better. But that’s not the case. Similarly, if you pick a small air conditioner for a big room, it would not provide the cooling you require.

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