A glimpse of the 2018 edition of the Jonaki Film Festival

Department of Communication and Journalism at Gauhati University is going to organize the second edition of ‘Jonaki’ film festival from February 28. The two-day festival, at Phanidhar Dutta Memorial Hall and AT Hall, will conclude on February 29.

A total of 12 films will be screened at the festival this year. The festival has received films from beyond the Northeast, which shows that Jonaki is transcending the boundaries of the region. Also, a cine quiz competition, short film competition and a workshop on animation film are being organized.

Talking about the aim of the film festival, chief coordinator Rakesh Haloi said, “The main aim of this film festival is to promote ethnic language films from the Northeast among the students so that they become conscious of the future prospects of the Northeast film world.”

Further, he said, “The festival will provide a roadmap for aspiring filmmakers to make films in the region for its people. Apart from all these, it will help us to spread film awareness and knowledge in the society which helps in bringing the northeastern culture together.”

“Jonaki is a pragmatic approach to enrich the cinema culture amongst the people so that we develop a taste of art and culture in our own unique way,” said Arup Deka, department representative.

Films like like Aamis, Bornodi Bhotiai, Mishing, Calendar, Kanneen, Yarwng will be screened in the festival. Mishing and Bulbul Can Sing have won National Awards. Yarwng is the first movie in Tripura which won the National Award.

The film festival ‘Jonaki’ was organized for the first time in 2018.

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Parashar Kalita
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Parashar Kalita is a student of Communication and Journalism at Gauhati University. He is a regular blogger and also a radio activist in the community radio Luit 90.8 FM