‘You think our future is a joke’ is the latest single by Guwahati-based international award-winning activist music act Rain in Sahara. This is their attempt to tackle the climate emergency which the band members termed as the biggest challenge at the moment.

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“Awake every night feeling something’s just not right…our future is growing darker every night…I really don’t know if we can make things right…but I know we’re not gonna just sit, sit, sit, sit tight!…” goes the lyrics.

“Right now, there is no bigger issue than this (climate change). Every single person on this planet has a responsibility to the younger generation to tackle this problem. For us this is really important…absolutely critical to tackle this issue and try and get everybody involved in whatever way they can so that we can build a sustainable future for everybody. That has been our approach in making this single,” one of the band members Lain Heringman told The News Mill.

Rain in Sahara – comprising vocalist Rain Jong, guitarist Pawan Damai, bassist Rajat Bangia, drummer Rui Xing, and Lain Heringman on vocals/keys/flutes – fuses a huge and often experimental range of elements and instrumentation such as rock, hip-hop, trap, Indian and western classical music, electronica, reggae, and even Latin music into their sonic palette to create their signature sound.

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The act uses its words and music to create engagement, spread awareness, promote dialogue and most importantly spread love for humanity and our planet. Branded as ‘music for change’, Rain in Sahara uses the power of music and performance to bring people together and ignite minds. Their original sound is a reflection of their experiences and understanding of the world.

“For us, music is a really powerful medium to transmit the ideas and messages in a way that people can really relate and feel emotionally. As a musician this is the way we can contribute to tackle the climate emergency,” Heringman added.

Their debut single Black Water – which focused on the issues of corruption, income inequality and environmental degradation – received critical acclaim, picked up several international awards and premiered in the US.

Rain in Sahara – as a socially conscious Indian/ American/ Spanish activist act – are highly focused on the climate and ecological emergency and works closely with international movements such as Transparency International, Fridays For Future, and Extinction Rebellion to leverage and catalyze action and change through music.

The band tries to resonate with the huge number of young people who are aligning together across the globe to work on issues related to the climate and ecological emergency.

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Rain in Sahara have performed internationally and alongside globally renowned artists such as American hip-hop legend Mos Def, Switchfoot, Poets of the Fall, African reggae star Nasseman, and Malawian singer-songwriter Faith Mussa.

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