Inspiring millions with his noble efforts to conserve the environment, Forest Man of India Jadav Payeng has now started writing a book on the subject. Payeng said that the book will enable students to learn the benefits of forestation and better understand the environment.

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“I am writing a book on the environment so that students can easily understand the environment…they can also do some practical work,” said Jadav Payeng at an event organized by the Post Graduate Student Union of Gauhati University recently.

In front of over 400 students who were a part of the ‘Pokriti’ event at Gauhati University on February 12, Payeng shared his inspiring journey. “I fought against society to build the forest. Now my forest is a source of livelihood for many people,” he said.

Payeng criticized the education system for not giving enough importance to the environment. “People know the name of trees, but they cannot recognize them practically. This is not a good situation. Lessons on the environment should be included from the lower primary level itself,” he said.

Further, the Forest Man of India added that the natural beauty of Assam can help tourism in the region. “When someone visits Assam, they live in a fresh environment – which is less polluted. Add to that the natural beauty of the region. Tourism can get a major boost if we can keep our environment clean and green,” he said.

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Payeng said that the students are the future and he dedicates his forest to the young generation. “Now, the forest is not only mine. I want you to take care of it. If you don’t take any initiatives to save the environment, then after some years, the society will suffer,” he said.

Talking about climate change, Payeng said that the world leaders should accept that the world is in danger because of pollution.

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