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A girl from Assam was allegedly unable to apply for a job at government-run National Seed Corporation Limited (NSCL) because of her surname – Chutia.

The girl, Priyanka Chutia, from Assam’s Gogamukh is a Masters in Agricultural Economics and Farm Management. When she tried to apply for a job at NSCL, she could not complete her registration because of her surname. The online registration portal of the organization did not accept her surname.

“And the reason is nothing but my surname and the portal keeps on saying to use ‘proper naming’ words. I feel really sad and frustrated at times explaining people that I am not using slang but it’s a community where I belong,” Priyanka wrote on Facebook.

She further said that her fellow community members must work on this rather than fighting over petty issues on Facebook.

When The News Mill tried to contact her, Priyanka said that her intention was not to file any complaint against the company but to aware the people around.

She has mailed about the problem to NSCL but she is yet to hear from them.

“I already mailed their helpdesk the very day my application got rejected. But it was a system-generated mail and I only got ‘Thanks for your feedback’. When I tried the next day, I saw that the registration was accepted but I am unable to move ahead and apply for the job as other problems cropped up. I don’t know how to fix it,” Priyanka told The News Mill in an emailed reply.

Replying to a query from The News Mill, the technical help desk at NSCL informed that they were aware of the technical flaw and it was rectified in the early stages. “There was a technical flaw in the code for filtration of the name of the candidates which was rectified in early stages,” an email statement sent to The News Mill said.

It may not be just her; other students who tried to register themselves faced similar problems. Unverified snapshots were shared on Facebook showing that the surname was not accepted during the registration process.

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Editor’s note: The story was edited to add the version of the Technical Help Desk of NSCL, who replied to a query from The News Mill.

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