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Solar solutions company, Freyr Energy Pvt Ltd launched SunPro+ mobile app to make it easier for homeowners and businesses to transition to solar power. Using SunPro+, customers will be able to learn about solar, order a system, track installation progress and monitor system performance on their own.

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“Today, many businesses and homeowners face high electricity bills. Investing in a solar rooftop system, that has a life of 25 years, ensures reduced dependency on grid power and decreases electricity bill up to 90%,” a statement from the company said.

While benefits of solar are well established, transitioning to solar has not always been easy for customers.  “Many customers defer their solar purchase due to unavailability of accurate and relevant information to help with decision making. Lack of transparency, hidden costs and no after-sales support are other hindrances customers face regularly. Finally, customers also end up with the hassle of dealing with 3-4 different entities through the journey of owning a solar system. These things undermine customer experience and slow down adoption of rooftop solar,” the statement added.

With the SunPro+ App, anyone interested in solar can download the app, get a quote, place an order, track system installation and monitor system performance. The AI-enabled technology ensures that users get information relevant and specific to their needs. In addition to this, the chat feature – SunBot addresses queries instantly.

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Post-installation, customers also get useful notifications, e.g., when to clean the solar panels, how much electricity was generated and savings realised. All system related documents such as purchase order, warranty certificates, work competition reports etc are available in SunPro+ ensuring customer has all required information for the lifetime of the solar system.

Speaking on the new offering, Saurabh Marda, managing director at Freyr Energy Pvt Ltd, said: “At Freyr, we believe that anyone who uses electricity from grid or diesel can switch to solar and become part of this green energy movement. With the SunPro+ App, we want to set a benchmark in terms of what customer experience should be when he/she decides to go for a solar system. SunPro+ helps customers make the switch to solar confidently and realize their goals, whether that is maximizing savings in electricity bills, switching to a clean source of power amongst other benefits.”

SunPro+ App is supplemented by Freyr Energy’s Pan-India sales and installation network to provide a seamless solar experience and value for money for its customers.

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