Thousands of people in Myanmar are protesting the military who took charge of the country on February 1 in what is being described as a military coup.

On February 1, the military declared a year-long state of emergency in Myanmar and seized control following a general election which leader Aung San Suu Kyi had won. Several leaders, including Suu Kyi, were detained.

The country is witnessing several protests since then. A huge crowd of anti-coup protesters on March 3 went to the streets in Mandalay against the military coup. A 19-year-old girl was shot to the head as protesters came under fire from Myanmar security forces trying to end demonstrations against the coup.

The girl, identified as Kyal Sin and widely known as Angel, has since become an icon of the protest movement. Angel was wearing a T-shirt with the phrase – Everything will be OK – which now has become the slogan of protest as thousands paid respects to the young woman for her grit and determination.

Thousands gathered at Mandalay in Myanmar on March 4 for the funeral of the young woman. Tributes have since flooded in on the social media, with many calling her a hero. Images of the teenager wearing her “Everything will be OK” T-shirt at the protests had gone viral.

Several reports said that at least 54 people have been killed by security forces in the protests so far. A number of people have crossed over to India as well for protection.

Aware of the dangers of taking part in the protests, Kyal Sin had written her blood type details on Facebook and requested that her organs be donated in the event of her death.

A Reuters report said that Kyal Sin’s friend, Myat Thu, who was with her at the protest on March 4, said she had kicked open a water pipe so protesters could wash tear gas from their eyes. She had also tried to help him as police opened fire.

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