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The Bharatiya Janata Party is set to retain power in Assam, according to several ‘exit poll’ surveys released on April 29.

Exit polls on April 29 showed that the grand alliance, led by the opposition Congress, is giving a tough fight to the ruling BJP and its allies as they “barely retain” power in Assam.

As per the CVoter Exit Poll for Times Now/ABP News, Assam is set to witness a photo-finish on May 2 for both the BJP and the Congress, as the UPA is poised to close the gap with the NDA. As per the survey, the ruling NDA would win the state polls but it would be a tough fight as the UPA will follow closely on its heels.

The exit poll stated that the NDA has a slight edge with 65 seats in the 126-member Assam assembly, one more than the majority mark of 64, while the UPA would win 59 seats. The projected seats for NDA are between 58 and 71, while for the UPA, they are between 53 and 66.

As per the exit poll, the Congress-led 10-party ‘Mahajot’ or the grand alliance will get 48.8 per cent votes, while the NDA will get 42.9 per cent votes and others 8.3 per cent votes.

In 126-member assembly, independents and others will be the key players with the BJP having the edge being the ruling party in the state.

Other exit polls, aired after the last phase of the elections in West Bengal on April 29, also gave BJP and its allies the edge in the Assam polls with the grand alliance coming close second.

Results will be counted on May 2.

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