Now one can learn Hindustani vocal music at the comfort of their home from classical guru Joyeeta Sen through a 12-episode masterclass web series called ‘Classroom’.

The masterclass series, streaming on Reeldrama, is designed according to a varied audience – from beginners to learners – thereby making it a unique experience for the enthusiasts.

While the initial episode focuses on the basic structures of classical singing, the subsequent episodes describe about one raga each. The episodes begin with the introduction of the raga followed by description of its Thaat, time of singing, Aroha, Avaroha and Pakad after which Swarmalika and Chota Khayal are presented. The episode ends with detailed notations of the raga as slides.

The 12 ragas are distributed in two parts. Season 1 consists of raga Bilawal, Yaman, Khamaj, Bhairav, Asawari and Bhairavi while the Season 2 is packed with raga Bhupali, Desh, Kamod, Bihag, Todi and Bageshree; exclusively available on Reeldrama.

Director Anupam Baishya said that it was a tough job to deal with Indian classical music in Assamese for OTT audiences. “When we talk about classical music, a sense of seriousness always comes to our mind. We consider it as a tough and difficult zone. So, our challenge was to present it in an easier way for the beginners and learners. We also can’t find much on Indian classical music in Assamese. Here our guru Joyeeta Sen played the most important role and had taken the responsibilities to elaborate 12 ragas in Assamese, suitable and easily understandable for the beginners. Thanks to Reeldrama that the Assamese classical music enthusiasts have something tremendous to look upon now as ‘Classroom’. All the positive feedbacks that are pouring now actually encouraging us to go further from here,” he said.

Reeldrama is a dedicated OTT (Over-The-Top) platform with loads of Assamese content. The platform hosts movies from different genres, web series, shows from the field of music, comedy, poetry, cookery and devotion.

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