Former Mizoram chief minister Zoramthanga

Aizawl: The Mizo Accord, signed 35 years ago after years of militancy, has become an exemplary peace agreement and the neighbouring states and countries also take it as a model of peace, Mizoram chief minister Zoramthanga said on June 29.

On the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the Mizoram Peace Accord (MPA), Zoramthanga said that the model peace treaty is legally binding and invaluable, and the Government of India even awarded the state a ‘Peace Bonus’ to the tune of more than Rs 182 crore.

The 77-year-old militant leader-turned-politician said: “Abiding by the terms and conditions of the peace accord, I brought out all the boys from the jungles, leaving no arms and ammunition behind, and handed over everything to the Indian government.”

“We abide by the accord cent per cent. The Government of India is also praiseworthy in this matter, as it has done very well on its part to fulfil the terms and conditions of the Mizo Accord,” he said.

The chief minister claimed that the Mizo Accord, signed on June 30, 1986, is one of the most successful peace accords ever signed by the Government of India.

“Since then, not a single person has ever ventured out to carry out underground activities,” he said.

Zoramthanga further said that prior to the signing of the peace accord, various political party leaders, the people, the church, NGOs and student organisations were invited to contribute what was necessary for the accord.

He said the Mizo Accord was finally signed by the Government of India represented the by Union home secretary, the underground government represented by president Laldenga and the then Mizoram union territory represented by the chief secretary.

“It was the happiest night we had seen. All the requirements we wanted to incorporate in the Constitution was added through Article 371(G),” said the veteran leader, who is also the president of the ruling Mizo National Front.

35 years of Mizo Accord

The chief minister said that in view of the COVID pandemic, normal celebrations of the peace accord would not be observed like in the previous years.

“However, this year, I implore my fellow Mizos to take pride in this gift of God we received, and to preserve it for generations to come. Peace pays, and I believe that through brotherhood and understanding, our neighbours can eventually achieve the peace we enjoy today,” Zoramthanga stated.

Like few other northeastern states of India, Mizoram was previously a part of Assam until 1972, when it was carved out as a union territory.

After the signing of the peace accord, the Memorandum of Settlement, in 1986, which ended two decades of strife and insurgency, Mizoram became the 23rd state of India on February 20, 1987.

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