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The COVID-19 situation in Mizoram is still alarming as the virus tally has breached 1 lakh-mark and the positivity rate in the state is still on high above 13 per cent.

The Assam Kaziranga University admissions

In the past six days, Mizoram reported 7,799 COVID-19 positive cases and the total caseload has now gone up to 1,02,629.

Total population in the state is around 11.2 lakh and nearly 8.9 per cent people of the state have been infected by the virus since its outbreak last year.

According to the Mizoram government, the state on October 6 reported 1,302 new COVID-19 positive cases with the positivity rate of 13.36 per cent.

The state’s death toll rose to 341 as five more patients succumbed to the infection on October 6.

The state government data revealed that 20.53 per cent positivity rate was recorded in the state on October 1 while it was 28.97 per cent on October 3.

A state-level expert team on COVID-19 management, which was formed in September, has recommended strengthening of COVID-19 care facilities in the state and establishment of a dedicated wing in all district hospitals.

Mizoram has currently just one COVID-19 hospital – Zoram Medical College (ZMC) in Aizawl and the hospital has 341 beds including 34 in ICU.

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There are around 18 dedicated health centres (DCHCs) in Mizoram and the state has only one RT-PCR laboratory which is at ZMC.

According to the Mizoram government, the state has given out 11,34,309 doses (1st dose – 6,82,964 and 2nd dose – 4,51,345) of Covishield vaccine.

As per the latest electoral roll, eligible population for the vaccine stands at 7,75,106, and thus first dose coverage is 88.1 per cent and 2nd dose coverage is 66.1 per cent.

Vaccination coverage under the districts of the H&FW department

Mizoram – first dose 88%, second dose 66%

  • Aizawl East – first dose 103%, second dose 74%
  • Aizawl West – first dose 106%, second dose 36%
  • Lunglei – first dose 88%, second dose 68%
  • Siaha – first dose 86%, second dose 49%
  • Champhai – first dose 82%, second dose 66%
  • Kolasib – first dose 84%, second dose 59%
  • Serchhip – first dose 86%, second dose 81%
  • Lawngtlai – first dose 59%, second dose 42%
  • Mamit – first dose 66%, second dose 57%

Coverage under the 18 – 44 age group

Mizoram – first dose 79%, second dose 53%

  • Aizawl East – first dose 91%, second dose 63%
  • Aizawl West – first dose 99%, second dose 58%
  • Lunglei – first dose 80%, second dose 54%
  • Siaha – first dose 85%, second dose 34%
  • Champhai – first dose 78%, second dose 50%
  • Kolasib – first dose 74%, second dose 41%
  • Serchhip – first dose 73%, second dose 71%
  • Lawngtlai – first dose 50%, second dose 26%
  • Mamit – first dose 60%, second dose 42%
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Coverage in the 45+ age category

Mizoram – first dose 85%, second dose 85%

  • Aizawl East – first dose 96%, second dose 89%
  • Aizawl West – first dose 100%, second dose 85%
  • Lunglei – first dose 83%, second dose 89%
  • Siaha – first dose 76%, second dose 75%
  • Champhai – first dose 81%, second dose 89%
  • Kolasib – first dose 83%, second dose 80%
  • Serchhip – first dose 83%, second dose 91%
  • Lawngtlai – first dose 67%, second dose 66%
  • Mamit – first dose 63%, second dose 77%

On October 6, a meeting of the Mizoram State Task Force for COVID-19 Vaccination led by chairperson R Lalramnghaka, secretary, H&FW held at the SAD Conference Hall, MINECO to discuss the current status of the vaccination drive, various issues faced by the department at the ground level, and plan of action to further bolster the vaccination drive.

A top official of the state government said that, total dose required to fully vaccinate all eligible citizens is 8,67,247 doses, with the state presently having stock of 5,34,500 doses and subsequent supply expected from the central government.

On the other hand, to take stock of the alarming situation in the state, the centre has sent a four-member team to Mizoram.

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