Congress leader P Chidambaram in Guwahati

Former Union minister and senior Congress leader P Chidambaram on December 16 said that prime minister Narendra Modi fears only one thing – ‘losing election’ and he does not care anything else, even his party colleagues.

Addressing a three-day training camp for Congress workers in Guwahati, Chidambaram said that losing election is the only fear of Modi.

“PM Modi doesn’t fear his party, MPs, chief ministers, his cabinet colleagues, vice president of India, president of India, judges. He doesn’t fear even the god. He only fears one thing – ‘losing election’,” Chidambaram said.

The senior Congress leader said that the only way to control this completely incompetent government is to defeat them in every election. He said that those who have determination, will power, ability to work hard, gather people, are the new freedom fighters of India.

“The country is sliding down fast and it will be in grave peril if the present government continues in office. This government is a disastrous government. This government has taken recourse to religion to cover up its monumental failures. They have divided the country on religious lines to win elections,” Chidambaram said.

He further said that the Modi government is at a dangerous curve as China has become aggressive and has occupied Indian territory and built villages. Also, the neighbouring country is indulged in massive troop and equipment movements, “but the prime minister says China has occupied no Indian territory”.

“In Kashmir, we brought a reasonable peace, not total peace, but youth of Kashmir are now turning back to militancy because you (Modi) reduced Kashmir from a state to a Union territory directly ruled by Delhi. The minorities, including 203 million Muslims, in the country are in fear,” Chidambaram said.

The senior Congress leader also said that non-BJP political parties must come together if they are serious to defeat BJP.

“If you wish to defeat the BJP, either in state election or in national election, the non-BJP parties must come together. If someone not willing to join the non-BJP front, then one should question the seriousness of that party in opposing the BJP. If you are serious in opposing the BJP, you must come under one umbrella,” Chidambaram said.

He added that the problem in the Northeast is that there are no lasting ideological commitment and regional parties tend to change their position very frequently and this is unfortunate.

“The Northeast must progress faster and the political parties must hold fast to certain ideology…when you win an election or are defeated, you must remain with your political ideology. It’s also the failure of the Congress. Today, numbers of chief ministers in Northeast are Congressmen… Congress chief ministers who switched over and I won’t be surprised that when the Congress comes back to power in Delhi, they will switch back to the Congress,” he said.

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