What are NFT Games and is it possible to earn on them

NFT Games
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Have you heard about this modern cryptocurrency trend? NFT-games are now developing on a par with crypto-art. And gamers spend a lot of money taking part in different NFT games. NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens have the potential to fundamentally change the whole gaming sector.

The concept of NFT games is called “play-to-earn”. It means that players receive rewards for their achievements in games and can sell them. But what exactly is behind the play-to-earn model? And what exactly are the NFT games?

In this article, we have tried to make a short overview of this concept and explain why it can be reasonable and profitable to try NFT games.

NFTs: A brief introduction to this technology

To understand NFT it can be useful to understand cryptocurrencies and blockchain. NFT are unique digital objects in the blockchain, which can be used in games as characters, consumables, and other means of exchange. NFTs are not exchangeable: each token is unique and cannot be identically replaced by another.

NFT-games are computer games in which players can truly own in-game assets such as skins or weapons as in many multiplayer video games. This is made possible by blockchain technology, and an in-game economy based on NFT. This is because, with the help of NFT, it is possible to create digital assets within games that vary in rarity. As a result, some NFT is considered more expensive than others.

And there are different types of NFT games. There are mobile games that can be started on mobile devices but also games that can be used on the computer or as a web application. Recently, Sorare in particular has made a big splash with a major investment. And one of the first crypto games was CryptoKitties. In this game, it was even possible to collect digital cats. That sounds great, isn’t it? You can combine a funny activity with earning money.

Why should I invest in NFT Games?

An NFT game brings fun and positive emotions, but such a game is also a unique and modern investment. It could be seen as an alternative to traditional forms of saving money.

Just to make it clear: you should buy an asset in a game, and after some time sell it at a higher price. However, don’t forget that in the case of NFT games, users can not only invest their money in the purchase of assets, but also start from scratch without investing, and by performing various actions to develop their character. In addition, almost every NFT game has mechanics that allow you to earn bonuses – drawings of tokens within the game, competitions, which can also make profits.


So, the concept of NFTs is unique, NFTs cannot be compared to stakes and betting odds IN and are more complicated to understand than cryptocurrencies. Anyway, NFTs have a great potential for the art, finance, and gaming sphere. Even if you have never heard about NFT games, you can try them for fun and do something that can also be economically rewarding. The cards or avatars, which are tradable and which you buy, can increase in value and thus be a kind of investment product.

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