The Liangmai Makhan village in Manipur celebrated ‘Chagan phungjanbo Ngee’ festival with surrounding villages on January 6.

‘Chagan phungjanbo Ngee’ is a cultural festival which is usually celebrated on the onset every year asking God for blessings, according to Makhan village authority.

During the programme, Ml Kaisungbou, additional SP of Senapati; Disubou Wijunamai, founder Green Tree Academy and Alison Abonmai, social activist, were invited as chief guests. Chairperson and chiefs of surrounding villages were also invited as special guests. Kailamdinang Abonmai, chief of Makhan village was the host of the festival.

The village chairperson, Amang Abonmai, highlighted the importance of ‘Chagan Phungjanbo Ngee’.  He stated that usually at the end of the year in the latter part of December, the rite used to be conducted to sanctify all which are considered to be profane. After a series of ritual performances of sanctification, it waits for the arrival of New Year. When the New Year comes, this ‘Changan Phungjanbo Ngee’ is celebrated asking God to bless them before the yearly activity starts. This festival structures the whole year of villagers.

Liangmai Makhan village in Manipur celebrates 'Chagan phungjanbo Ngee' (1)

“This festival is a ritual and festive event which involves folk dance, traditional games and singing folk songs at night, which is called ‘Matuibo’ in Liangmai. The youth used to collect wild vegetables and distribute it to the whole households without missing to any family of the village. Reaching vegetables every home by celibates, young maidens and lads,” the village authority said.

According to Makhan village authority in Manipur, this celebration is very important to draw and retain tangible cultural heritage and to preserve the endangered cultural practices in this globalised world. At the same time, festive events in the community reaffirm the identity and keep alive the traditions.

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