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If we look at the global landscape of online gambling in India, we may also say that it’s facing its Renaissance period. For starters, online gambling in India is growing, and India’s residents are daily searching for websites where they can play casino games.

Here’s a list of casino sites which accept players from India, where you will see how vast the set of choices is. The numbers from numerous surveys we observed showed that more than 40% of residents from India have tried out online gambling at least once. These numbers signal that Indian people may surpass the UK’s number of gamblers.

All these facts just give us a glimpse into what India’s gambling landscape looks like. But if you wish to dig a little deeper, and understand why Indian people want to learn all about betting to get the best scores and winnings whale playing roulette, slots, blackjack, and other casino games – read our short but thorough analysis below.

The three main reasons for the growing popularity of casino games in the Indian online gambling landscape

Here are the three top reasons why the online gambling industry is growing in popularity in India:

1. New alternatives for gambling

As we’ve mentioned in the introduction, India’s residents look for gambling websites where they can gamble. Why is it that people located in India can’t gamble in every online casino? First of all, you can’t go to a land-based casino in each Indian state, only particular ones. This limitation is due to India being a decentralized country, and only three states in India allow people to gamble at land-based casinos. But the rise of online gambling platforms where Indian people could gamble created a perfect alternative and gave them a new-haven for casino games.

2. The 1867 Public Gambling Act

As the Public Gambling Act set numerous regulations for gamblers in India, the emergence of online platforms increased the number of online gamblers. Gambling at an online casino is still in the grey as far as the Public Gambling Act from 1867 is concerned, so this notion further explains the increase in interest in online casinos in the gambling landscape of India.

3. The rise of the Indian standard of living

Recently, the optimal income of a middle-class Indian working person exceeded $10,000. Such salary increases further impacted the interest in online gambling in India. Namely, each middle-class Indian family can now afford smartphones, the most convenient tools for entering online gambling platforms. We may expect the middle-class in India to become greater in numbers than middle-classes in Europe, China, or the US in the years to come.

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