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Meghalaya chief minister Conrad Sangma expressed confidence that the National People’s Party (NPP) will return to power with an “absolute majority” in 2023 in Meghalaya.

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“I am sure that the NPP will get absolute majority in the coming assembly elections in Meghalaya,” Sangma said while speaking at a meeting to welcome the joining of two sitting Members of District Council (MDC) and a former MDC to the party on February 23.

KHADC executive member (EM) and Nongshken MDC Grace Mary Kharpuri and former Congress leader and Malki-Laitumkhrah MDC Fantin Joseph and former MDC WL Mynsong were also felicitated during the meeting.

Welcoming all of them, the NPP national president said that the party is growing today with God’s blessing and the party is getting positive responses in states like Manipur.

Stating that the NPP-led MDA government had faced tough situations in the past four years, CM Conrad Sangma however said: “But we kept working, we didn’t give up (because) our principle is not to give up but to keep trying.”

He said many people had discouraged the party not to touch the boundary issue as it will be politically disastrous for it.

“Nobody has touched it for 50 years, why do you want to touch it. And deputy chief minister, myself and the cabinet and all the leaders in the party we said isn’t that what the people have elected us to do. Isn’t that the expectation of the people our responsibility? And if we were to think only politics and political situations aren’t we failing in our duty to serve our people and our state,” he said.

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“Our principle that we want to work in an organization as well as in the government is that we are here to serve the people. Yes it may be tough but we will do what we feel is correct and we will do what we feel is our responsibility as leaders as the people of the state have bestowed upon us this responsibility,” he added.

The chief minister further assured the people of the state that the NPP-led government will continue to try its best.

“Let me tell you please remember we may fail in some of those trials, we may not be able to resolve some of the issues and we may find more challenges that may come up but at least we tried, at least our conscience will be clear that we did not run away from our responsibility,” he asserted.

Emphasizing the importance of the three factors to run an organization, Sangma said: “I strongly feel we as a party have tried to focus on all these three important things to ensure that the right ideology, to ensure that a teamwork and leadership is there, and to ensure that the principles that make the organization working environment should also be the principles that are very firm.”

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“You cannot keep changing your principles based on the situation. The principle means principle. We decide on certain principles and that is the principle that drives the organization,” he stated.

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