NSCN-IM on Kitovi, Jamir and Naga political issue

No one should undermine hard-earned peace process, says Naga Rising
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The NSCN-IM on February 22 said that it is aware of the presence of N Kitovi Zhimomi, convener of the Naga National Political Groups (NNPGs) in Delhi when he interacted with a select media.

“He was desperately trying to propel his image as a bonafide Naga revolutionary to qualify himself as a Naga nationalist. Unfortunately, he is nowhere near to enjoy that revolutionary status. His actual size in the Naga political struggle is simply a pseudo-Naga nationalist who only champion the political interests of the Government of India and work on the latter’s behalf throughout,” said the NSCN-IM in a statement.

It also said that this is still visibly seen even under the scheme of things brought about by the ongoing Indo-Naga political talks.

According to the statement, after Kitovi joined NSCN in 1987, the 1988 crisis took place. “He sided with the expelled Khaplang who formed a separate group. With the common elements of treachery, he was given important assignments in the group and saw his rise in the hierarchy of officers. Bereft of any revolutionary trait as demanded by the call of the Naga political struggle he was never found fighting for the righteous cause of the Naga political issue. By 1992, he was finding comfort in taking shelter in the camps of the Indian army as arranged by his mentor SC Jamir and find pleasure in doing the bidding of the Indian army to track down the cadres of Naga revolutionary group NSCN led by Mr Isak Chishi Swu and Mr Th. Muivah,” the NSCN-IM statement added.

“Thus, nothing is far from the truth as far as the deceptive role of Kitovi is concerned. It does not take much time for him to start his criminal bonhomie with SC Jamir as he took over as the security commander of SC Jamir with the sole purpose of going headlong to eliminate the NSCN after entering into unholy collusion with the Indian army,” the NSCN-IM statement further added.

It also said that Kitovi had his days as he executed his devilish plan by killing many innocent Nagas. “But the revolutionary movement refused to be cowed down in the hands of traitors like him and their accomplice, the Indian army,” the NSCN-IM said.

It further said that the sacrifice for the righteous Naga political cause was never in his blood. It added that Kitovi as the convener of the NNPGs is in fact fighting with the Nagas on behalf of the Government of India to accept Indian constitution and surrender. The NSCN-IM further added that the NNPGs’ Agreed Position is a mere re-edited version of the 16 Point Agreement which was condemned and rejected by the Naga people.

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