Videograb released by Ukrainian police department shows military helicopters, apparently Russian, fly over Kyiv, Ukraine | Photo courtesy: AP

It was not as easy as Russia had assumed when they started the Ukraine invasion. As per the reports of the Ukrainian defence ministry on March 4 at least 9,166 Russian personnel have been killed since Moscow began its military assault on Kiev nine days ago.

In a tweet, the ministry said that from February 24 until March 4, Russia has also lost 939 armoured combat vehicles, 404 units of automobile equipment, 251 tanks, 105 artillery systems, 60 fuel tanks, 50 multiple rocket launchers, 37 helicopters, 33 aircraft, 18 air defence units, three unmanned aerial vehicles and two-speed boats.

The ministry also said that these numbers were being further clarified as the “exact count is difficult due to the high intensity of the military operations”.

In a Facebook post also on March 4, the general staff of the armed forces of Ukraine revealed that as Russia is still trying to capture Kiev, it has “exhausted most of the operational reserves and began preparations for the transfer of additional forces and resources from the southern and eastern military districts”.

It added that a group of Russian soldiers have withdrawn from the naval bases in the Black Sea, although they continue “to prepare for the landing of marines in Zatoka”.

The post further said that Russian troops have managed to surround the port city of Mariupol, a day after it captured Kherson, another strategic city.

Kherson became the first major city to fall since the assault began nine days ago.

Also on March 4, Russian troops captured the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant, where a fire had erupted earlier in the day due to shelling.

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