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Bongaigaon-based internet security researcher Rony Das is on a mission to make people aware about data security threats which could be detrimental to their web profiles.

With repeated cyber fraud cases being reported, Rony Das believes that people should be aware and be more cautious on what they share online. “We see that people are sharing needless information online these days, without bothering about the data security mechanisms the companies are taking. Data breaches could lead to serious loss of personal information. Besides educating people about cybersecurity threats, we are providing top-notch cybersecurity training to enthusiasts who could then pursue a career as a penetration tester,” said Rony Day who runs his web security startup Axom Security.

As a security expert, Rony Das has been hitting the correct notes. Having received accolades from Google and others, Rony Das has been providing security as a service to his clients as well as facilitating adequate cybersecurity education. He comes from a modest background in Bongaigaon district of Assam.

Rony Das received a USD 5000 bounty from Google a few months ago for disclosing a vulnerability in their Android platform. He discovered a flaw in Android Foreground Services that may be used by banking malware, among other things, to access user data. The technology giant patched the disclosed problem, ensuring that millions of Android users’ sensitive data was protected.

“It wasn’t always this way. I came from a humble household. My father Rupan Das runs a tailor business in Bongaigaon, and my mother Rita Das is a home maker. We lived in a one-room apartment for more than 13 years. All of those circumstances have changed dramatically as a result of God’s grace and the hours of work I put in. My parents had no idea what I did until 2014, when I travelled to Kolkata to compete in an ethical hacking competition and placed second for the first time… Things have changed since then…,” Rony added, recalling his childhood.

When Rony was a class XII student at Bongaigaon Railway HS School in 2015, he used his phone to discover a serious security vulnerability in the Gauhati University’s website. Rony’s efforts were recognised by the university administration. Since then, there has been no turning back.

The self-learner graduated from Birjhora Mahavidyalaya college in Bongaigaon with a degree in Science and continued his cybersecurity studies.

Rony’s cybersecurity bug reports have been favourably received by the persons and organisations to whom he has reported, as well as the media.

Rony launched Axom Security with the goal of improving the country’s cybersecurity situation. “With the knowledge I’ve acquired (and will acquire), I want to (and will) do something for my nation. And with that in mind, I founded Axom Security, a name that I cherish and that defines where I originate from, my hometown Assam,” he explained.

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