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Diabetes is a long-term illness that affects how your body produces energy from food, increasing the level of sugar content in the blood.

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This may happen because of two reasons:

  1.  The body is not producing enough insulin ( or Type 1 diabetes)
  2.  The body is unable to use the insulin produced properly ( or Type 2 diabetes)

Type 1 diabetes is usually genetic and can generally be diagnosed in childhood. Type 1 diabetes can also be autoimmune, i.e., the body’s immune system destroys insulin-producing cells in the pancreas.

In most cases, type 2 diabetes develops due to an unhealthy lifestyle.

While there is no cure for diabetes, early detection of diabetes may maintain a normal blood sugar level with dietary and lifestyle changes. Let’s explore some early symptoms of diabetes.

Early symptoms of diabetes

Increase in the frequency of urination

The function of the kidney is to expel the excess amount of toxin or water in the blood. Accordingly, if there is excess sugar in the blood, the kidneys excrete that too. This increases the number of times a person urinates.

Increase in thirst

As more fluid is being excreted from the body in the form of urine. The person may feel thirsty more than usual.


High blood glucose level increases the stress on the vital organs to eliminate the sugar. This process damages the body and changes the way it utilises glucose as energy. Hyperglycemia, or dangerously high glucose, causes fatigue along with different symptoms. Dehydration, which comes with a frequency of urination, is additionally a prominent explanation for fatigue.

Vision problems

When the sugar content in the blood is high, it might have adverse effects on the tiny blood vessels in the eye, causing bulging lenses and vision problems. If the tendency of increase or decrease of sugar levels in the blood does not come to normal, it may increase the chances of blindness over a long period.

Increase in appetite

Because the body is not able to utilise the glucose for energy, the body will feel tired, making the person feel more hungry and increasing appetite. If someone is getting all these symptoms, they should go to the doctor and get diabetes treatment done.

Weight loss

As the body cannot use the glucose properly, it will start burning fat and proteins for energy, resulting in weight loss. Sometimes people may miss weight loss as an early symptom of diabetes, but if someone loses more than 5% of their total body weight within a few days, it indicates that there are some issues.

Wounds and cuts heal slowly

High sugar levels in the blood affect the circulation of blood and increase the inflammation of cells. These factors and low physical energy, delay the healing of wounds and cuts. If open injuries do not heal in time, they are more likely to become infected, further delaying the healing.

Feet and hands start feeling numb.

Increased sugar levels in the blood can cause nerve damage. Numbness or tingling are common symptoms of nerve injury, which can progress to neuropathy or pain in the long run.

Pigmentation in skin

Early symptoms of diabetes may show pigmentation in the skin, as insulin resistance may cause patches of dark colour around the groin, underarm region, or the neck. The texture of the patches may be velvet and rose.

Infection from yeast

High blood sugar can cause yeast infections in the mouth, armpit, or groin. One must keep a check on their sugar level and lower the chances of yeast infection. Hence, it is very important to check for the early symptoms of diabetes and see the doctor as soon as possible.

Diabetes treatments

The treatment of diabetes depends on the type of diabetes a person has. If a person has type 1 diabetes, they are prescribed to take insulin, which can be taken as a pill or may be injected into the body. It acts as a substitute for the enzyme that the body cannot manufacture.

Whereas the people suffering from type 2 diabetes are suggested to follow a strict routine that includes exercise and diet. The person needs to consume pills when lifestyle changes are not adequate to regulate their blood pressure. The medications will decrease blood sugar levels and will help to control it.


Diabetes can be a dangerous disease if the symptoms are not known at the early stages and might even be a cause of early death. It is essential to know the early symptoms of diabetes as it will help get the diabetes treatment done in time.

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