Nagaland takes measures on single-use plastics

Steps to reduce single-use plastics
Steps to reduce single-use plastics

The Nagaland government is campaigning intensely against the use of single-use plastics in the state.

As a part of the campaign, the first meeting of a special task force on Plastic Waste Management (Amendment) Rules 2021 and elimination of single-use plastics held in Kohima. The meeting, in presence of chief secretary J Alam, deliberated on the measures to be taken up on the issue.

The Nagaland Pollution Control Board presented the draft comprehensive action plan on elimination of single-use plastics and discussions were made point wise on the action plan.

Deliberating on survey and inspection, it was discussed that extensive survey for identified plastics waste generation was needed where the district task force will conduct extensive market survey for assessment of availability of single-use plastics in the market. Shops, vendors and commercial establishments should keep two separate bins for segregation of waste at source.

In this regard, the chief secretary stressed on the need to update the waste collection system, whereby separate trucks or trucks with separate containers/chambers to be used for waste collection. The house decided that each town/ULB is to have its own action plan according to its need and situation.

On the issue of checking and inspection, the chief secretary reminded the house that intensifying inspection and monitoring of stockists and vendors of identified single-use plastics should be carried out stringently however harassment to vendors should be avoided. He suggested that pre-information should be disseminated trough the print and electronic medium. It was also decided that penalties on traders/vendors dealing with non-permitted plastics will be levied and collected on the spot.

The house agreed that due significance should be given to encourage the practice of carrying own bags while shopping and also promote the use of jute bags as practiced earlier.

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