5 Indian tech startups that might shape the future

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Technology keeps changing the way we live, with innovative and groundbreaking solutions appearing every year.

You can’t underestimate the contribution of startups to taking the entire industry forward. These companies had ideas that were instantly recognized when they entered the market.

India is among the most successful countries in the industry, with dozens of unicorn startups established here. The term “unicorn” marks the companies whose value exceeded $1 billion, which is impressive for new businesses.

But what are the most successful tech startups in India? Here’s a list of companies that are currently a massive hit in the market!

What are the top Indian tech startups in 2022?

The government adopted friendly terms and policies for startups and ensured an inviting ecosystem for new tech companies.

It paves the way to fast progress and attracts investors. These companies seized that opportunity and propelled themselves among the most successful Indian startups!

1. Fractal

According to the Startup Funding Report, tech companies raised $12 billion in over 500 deals made during Q1 2022.

The first company that joined the unicorn club was Fractal. A team of five enthusiasts founded this company with the goal of utilizing AI to offer advanced analytic solutions.

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Fractal crossed the $1 billion threshold after raising funds from different sources. The company became the first unicorn business in the AI industry in India. They cater to the needs of Google and other major firms.

Qure.ai is a solution assisting radiologists in placing the right diagnosis, and Fractal is also present in business investment, customer management, etc.

2. DealShare

DealShare presented an exciting social e-commerce concept to the Indian market. The idea was to make online shopping easier for new internet users and those from rural environments.

DealShare focuses on offering locally-sourced groceries and household essentials. It uses WhatsApp and social media to help users join together to get a lower price. The company’s exciting concept attracted millions of customers across multiple cities and regions.

DealShare is currently valued at $1.6 billion, but it has vast potential. The e-commerce market is at an early stage in India, and the company positioned itself in time to secure a promising future.

3. ElasticRun

Goldman Sachs is among those who invested in ElasticRun, supporting the potential that this B2B e-commerce platform has.

The company’s history goes back to 2016, but it only joined the unicorn club in 2022. ElasticRun focuses on resolving the problem of fast-moving consumer goods reaching rural customers in India.

It enables FMCG businesses to utilize their network to reach distant stores. The business also works with financial institutions like banks to facilitate access to SMEs throughout its networks.

4. TradeX

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The entire IT industry in India is growing, and the forecasts are encouraging. Fintech is among the latest market trends, with more people interested in crypto trading and digital currencies overall.

TradeX recognized that potential and created an intriguing trading platform.

Users have the task of predicting future events. If you place a correct prediction, you earn rewards and boost your balance. You can choose events happening worldwide for trades.

The power lies in information, so don’t hesitate to use VPN to bypass geographical restrictions and get the latest updates. You can access Surfshark download and get this service going in minutes.

5. Livspace

Home design and renovation can be a hassle, especially if you don’t know where to start. Livspace guides you through the entire process.

From meeting the designers to handling the installation, this platform ensures everything goes smoothly. Livspace is a web marketplace for interior design and also offers a bunch of useful tools for homeowners.

The impressive list of investors includes Peugeot and Ikea, and the company proudly states it works with Saint-Gobain, Bosch, and other premium brands.

Final thoughts

Tech startups are booming in India. Enterprise, e-commerce, and fintech are the most attractive opportunities for investors. But other industries also show colossal potential, ensuring a bright future for Indian startups.

The country has done a good job in adjusting laws to make investing in Indian companies an attractive option. On top of that, India has incredible talent and entrepreneurs with great ideas.

The country can be proud of its tech startups, and we look forward to seeing what they will bring to the market in the coming years!

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