The training session in Golaghat

The farmers of the Golaghat district of Assam were provided training by the Assam Agri-Business and Rural Transformation Project (APART) on Sali paddy and how to reduce the cost of cultivation for maximizing profit in rice.

The programme was organized by the district agriculture office, Golaghat and CSS Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) Golaghat in collaboration with International Rice Research Institute (IRRI).

District agricultural officer Ranjit Kr Sarmah educated the farmers on the selection of appropriate variety, seed treatment, soil test, IPM, and post-harvest processing practices to reduce the cost of cultivation.

Ankita Sahu, a junior researcher at the IRRI acted as a resource person for the training programme and thoroughly discussed the missions and visions of IRRI.

The International Rice Research Institute is a key partner of the World Bank-funded APART project. The IRRI provides technical support for improving rice production systems and management practices by promoting climate-resilient technologies, encouraging adoption on the field, and facilitating market linkages. IRRI’s mission is to improve livelihoods and nutrition and abolish poverty, hunger, and malnutrition for those depending on rice-based agri-food systems.

Ankita Sahu elaborated on the modern rice management practices right from nursery management to storage. She educated the farmers about improved flood and drought-tolerant rice varieties, mat nursery methods to raise paddy seedlings, mechanical transplanting, different methods of integrated weed management, various modern machinery related to rice cultivation, and advantages of farm-mechanization, proper timings and doses of fertilizer applications and harvesting techniques.

The farmers of Golaghat were assured that they will have continuous contact with the officers and officials of the APART project, IRRI, and ATMA for the adoption of improved rice production technologies.

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