Press conference at Agartala on September 18 announcing Tripura Fashion Week on September 24

To give a grand platform and encourage the numerous boutiques and indigenous artisans of the region, the Rignai Fashion Clan is organizing Tripura Fashion Week on September 24.

Announcing the event, the organizers of the Tripura Fashion Week on September 18 said that the initiative will give a platform to the various boutiques and artisans of Tripura in front of everyone by highlighting their works and showcasing their creativity which reflects the social, cultural and traditional aspects of Tripura.

“The event will give a grand platform to the numerous indigenous designers of Tripura who will be given access to newer markets and networking opportunities through this platform,” said Rakhi Debbarma, CEO, Tripura Fashion Week.

Tripura Fashion Week will give boost to the artisan movement, giving a platform to all the local designers and artisans by providing networking alliances with partners and markets locally and within the country as a whole.

“It is all about encouraging and bringing out the talented artisans and boutiques of Tripura to showcase their collections through fashion. We are glad that we are getting the opportunity to create something different and add something new in the fashion world,” she added.

Selected designers and weavers from Tripura Fashion Week will also get a chance to participate at the 6th edition of North East India Fashion Week to be held in Guwahati.

“Soon we will announce the date of 6th edition of North East India Fashion Week which will be held in Guwahati. Selected designers and weavers who participated at Arunachal Fashion Week, Tripura Fashion Week and Nagaland Fashion Week will get the chance to showcase their collection during the North East India Fashion Week in Guwahati,” said fashion designer and founder of Yana in Style, Yana Ngoba.

Yana Ngoba is also showcasing her collection ‘Colours of Northeast’ at Tripura Fashion Week.

Tripura Fashion Week is involved in trying to bring out the different skills, qualities, and various works initiated by women, especially. It is aimed at promoting woman empowerment in Tripura.

The event venue will have stalls of boutiques and designers to exhibit for promotion, publicity as well as for sale of their creative products. “This will surely ensure optimum exposure and networking opportunity to the community during the event,” she added.

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