ANI Photo | Bangladesh Muktijoddha Mancha submits memorandum to Xi, demands end to Uyghur atrocities

Dhaka [Bangladesh], October 1 (ANI): Bangladesh Muktijoddha Mancha handed a memorandum to the envoy in the Chinese Embassy in Dhaka for President Xi Jinping, demanding an end to atrocities on Uyghur minorities in Xinjiang province.
The memorandum contains four demands which include “the killing, rape and torture of Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang province by the Chinese government must stop — China’s minority Uyghur Muslims must be guaranteed social, political, economic and religious freedom –the International Criminal Court must try China’s Uyghur Muslim genocide and Corruption, irregularities, arbitrariness, aggression and labor abuse by Chinese companies in Bangladesh must be stopped.”
This comes after a human chain protest rally was organized in Bangladesh demanding an “end to labor torture and aggression by Chinese companies in Bangladesh”. The protestors also raised their voice “against the killing, rape, and, torture” of Chinese minority Uyghur Muslims.
Bangladesh Muktijuddha Mancha said that it always believes in religious freedom of people and that it is the moral and human responsibility of every person to participate in the movement to establish the rights of all minority communities in the world.
Saying that the whole world is a family, Muktijoddha Mancha in its press release expressed deep concerns about the “sectarian activities” of the Chinese government recently. In a press release, it noted that “in 1933, the Uyghurs got an independent country called East Turkistan for a short period of time. Later, it occupied China and started torture and persecution of independence-seeking Uyghurs, which is still ongoing.”
Furthermore, citing United Nations, the Muktijoddha Mancha noted that 1 million Uyghur Muslims, including women, are currently detained in China’s prisons. “The Uyghur Muslim minority, persecuted in China, has sought help from the international community for their freedom,” the press release added.

“Bangladesh Liberation War Forum is speaking on behalf of every oppressed and oppressed people of the world according to the principles and ideals of Bangabandhu. We have been protesting for a long time to demand an end to the persecution of the minority Uyghurs in the Xinjiang province of China, a country that opposed the liberation war in 1971, in solidarity with the logical movement of the liberation-seeking Uyghur minority.”
About 1.26 lakh Muslims living in China’s Xinjiang province, Muktijoddha Mancha said that the Muslims in the region are being subjected to inhuman torture and oppression which is a major obstacle in maintaining communal harmony.
“In order to reduce the number of Muslims, the Chinese government is constantly violating the human rights of minorities through forced abortions, forced birth control pills, religious conversions, rape, detention and torture of Muslim women.”
But unfortunately, it pointed out, there is no strong initiative of other international organizations including the United Nations. “Recently in China’s Xinjiang province, Muslim mosques were demolished to make public toilets, which is very sad. One should never hurt religious sentiments. Everyone has the right to freely practice their religion. But the Chinese government’s recent persecution of Uyghur Muslims proves that they never believe in non-communalism.”
It slammed the Chinese government saying that it is constantly interfering with the social, political, and religious freedom of the Muslim minority, which is “a clear violation of international human rights.”
Citing Freedom Watch, it noted that China is one of the “most religiously oppressive countries in the world.” “Due to the lack of freedom of the media, the world does not know much about the noise of these oppressions. Something is known in the past.”
“Regarding the brutal policy against Uighur Muslims, China says that it is forced to adopt different policies to combat separatism, terrorism and, religious extremism. But they cannot explain to the people of the world that keeping a beard, and fasting in the month of Ramadan is religious extremism.” (ANI)

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