Designer Yana Ngoba collaborates with rock band Arogya

Designer Yana Ngoba collaborates with rock band Arogya
Designer Yana Ngoba collaborates with rock band Arogya

Fashionpreneur and international fashion designer Yana Ngoba Chakpu has collaborated with dark synth rock band Arogya who released their new album titled ‘Supernatural’ after the success of their ‘Genesis’ album.

International record label from Germany, Out of Line Music, released Arogya’s first single ‘Supernatural’ (same as album title) on November 18.

The second single will be ‘Desire’ set to be released in the third week of December before Christmas. The third single – ‘Queen of the Damned’ feat Chris Harma (vocalist of popular German band – ‘Lord of the Lost’) will be released together with Arogya’s album ‘Supernatural’ early next year.

All the three singles will be released with music videos with amazing elaborate costumes, cinematography and story lines.

Arogya has a distinct identity with emphasis on Visual appeal and Theatrical vibe through their visual kei concept, dynamic stage presence and high energy performances with unbreakable will. The band has recently revamped its image and branding with new band logo and has been working with fashionpreneur and international fashion designer, Yana Ngoba Chakpu who designed all their unique costumes, exclusively for Arogya.

Elaborating on the designs, Yana Ngoba Chakpu said: “It is all about Northeast India’s ethnic fashion blended with style; which signifies the unique cultural diversity of Northeast India. Jute fabric, yarn and accessories from different part of Northeast India’s remote villages were collected to use and collaborate together without losing its originality, which gives a unique diversified look.”

The costumes specially designed for Arogya’s music video have motifs & ancient hieroglyphs painted on them, representing the characters of each warriors and their attributes. For example, the costume of Pawan Damai – the band’s new guitarist – has the symbol for ‘wind’ and vocalist Rain has the symbol of his namesake painted on it.

Costume designs by Yana are mainly made from jute material which is found in huge quantity in Assam after West Bengal and Bihar. “Being 100% bio-degradable, an eco-friendly, jute fabric is highly breathable which also makes it an ideal apparel material for hot and humid climates as it doesn’t naturally retain much heat,” Yana added.

The band hailing from Assam wants to represent the Northeast India, not only to be known as the first internationally signed rock band from the region but also to introduce and showcase the influences, culture and customs of Northeast India through their costumes/outfits, sound and music to all over Europe, where their music videos and albums are being released.

The concept of the video and screenplay is the brainchild of Arogya’s frontman Rainjong Lepcha and album lyricist cum band manager Janice Teh. “We believe in presenting our own unique image with a strong thematic storyline and with the incredibly talented Yana on board with us, she has created the most amazing costume with design elements representing Northeast India to complete our looks and bringing it to the next level. When you see the ethnic collection of accessories and costume showcasing the real touch of the Northeast India in the music video, that’s the signature of YIS (Yana in Style) creations,” said the band manager.

“Our new single Supernatural is about an encounter with a supernatural being or deity and how humans tend to worship the divine and powerful, the allure and temptation of the mystic and mysterious, to pin their hopes, wants and wishes on the supernatural which may not always turn out to be good or with the right intentions,” said a band statement.

“The song has a dark melancholic vibe to it and we hope it will connect to our fans and new audiences alike,” the brand added.

Recently new members joined the band – Nishant Hagjer, one of India’s best drummers and Pawan Damai the new guitarist. Rui X is taking over percussions and Deadnoxx is handling samples and synth.

“Yana’s creativity combined with her magical aesthetic touch, has brought our music, emotions and voices to life by revamping the band visually which has helped us express clearer, sonically, as well,” said Nishant Hagjer.

Arogya in Sanskrit means healer and their music aims to heal the broken, to lift the spirit and to be a balm to the soul. Arogya’s songs, themes are inspired by personal experiences and social issues faced daily about reality, spiritual connection, heart break, betrayal, suicide, humanity and love.

“Every lyric is trying to spread messages & awareness, to reach out to the masses. Arogya is constantly evolving and with ever-growing motivation, the band intends to continue its ascension, aiming for new heights and we will keep delivering our music with world class production and represent the Northeast India to the best of our abilities,” the band said.

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