ANI Photo | Emirates News Agency introduces ‘Tolerance Charter for News Agencies and Media Outlets’ at Global Media Congress

The Emirates News Agency (WAM) has introduced the ‘Tolerance Charter for News Agencies and Media Outlets’ at the Global Media Congress. It is a document launched to unite media entities across the world for promoting tolerance, coexistence and intercultural dialogue through international cooperation, WAM reported.
The charter was launched on the second day of the inaugural edition of the Global Media Congress (GMC). The document was ratified by representatives of news agencies and media outlets from across the world to boost the dissemination of news and media content that enhances the spread of tolerance and coexistence as core human values.
Mohammed Jalal Al Rayssi, Director-General of WAM and Chairman of the Higher Organising Committee for the Global Media Congress, has called WAM’s launch a “step forward” in driving international efforts to promote peace and human fraternity.
“Aligning with the directives of our wise leadership and the UAE’s efforts to promote tolerance and coexistence, WAM’s launch of the ‘Tolerance Charter for News Agencies and Media Outlets’ is a step forward in driving international efforts in this regard, in promoting peace and human fraternity, and ultimately, building more tolerance communities to ensure stability and boost prosperity worldwide,” WAM quoted Mohammed Jalal Al Rayssi as saying.
Mohammed Jalal Al Rayssi further said that the UAE has introduced a distinctive global model in promoting tolerance and international cooperation in service of humanity. Stressing that “these core values are heart of UAE’s civilisation and development drive,” he stated that it is an approach that guided UAE’s ties with other nations and its efforts to help other nations.

“These core values are at the heart of the UAE’s civilisation and development drive, an approach that guided the country’s relationships with other countries and its efforts to help other nations and communities in adopting tolerance and coexistence as a lifestyle. This is best exemplified in the UAE which is home to people from over 200 nationalities, who live in harmony and enjoy the peace and security our country offers,” WAM quoted Mohammed Jalal Al Rayssi as saying.
The Tolerance Charter for the Media is made around on the basis of these principles and ethical commitments, WAM reported. The first one is to believe that efforts to strengthen tolerance and acceptance of differences with regard to faiths, cultures, languages, and opinions, are an important part of establishing modern states and societies.
The second one is to believe that the media plays a primary role in highlighting manifestations of tolerance in disseminating values among audiences. As per the WAM report, the third is to believe that the theme of tolerance deserves constant follow-up to ensure the peaceful coexistence of various identities, faiths, ideologies and viewpoints within and beyond the border of respective nations, considering it as a “precondition for sustainable development, building harmonious futures and developing our civilisational potential.”
The fourth principle calls for the agreement to exchange and publicise news stories related to tolerance in various formats, including print, audio, video and digital, as an action course to motivate people around the world to live tolerant lives and foster harmonious societies.
The signatories agree that the following are included in the contents that they will try to actively promote on their platforms from their partners’ platforms including stories that demonstrate various manifestations of tolerance and coexistence. Projects and initiatives aimed at strengthening a culture of tolerance are initiated by the government and private sector entities.
In addition, legislation and policies aimed at promoting tolerance and preventing intolerance and extremism, as per the WAM report. Stories that help in the fight against hatred, sectarianism, extremism, terrorism, exclusivism, discrimination and chauvinism.
Furthermore, “Highlighting, as a matter of special priority, stories that focus on the role of the youth in building tolerant communities towards a brighter future,” as per the news report. The agreement is not binding but a declaration of willingness with the decision to be made solely on the basis of the discretion of each signatory. (ANI)

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